5 Dec. 2007

Who's afraid of the big bad rightwing meejah?

LP's Gummo and Kimbarella want you to know that Teh Enemy has been defeated and we can all just laugh at them now. Meanwhile, the political editor of the Opposition Orifice is still writing shit like this:
OCCASIONALLY you recognise that you are in the presence of human greatness. I had that experience this week in Jerusalem when I went to interview Natan Sharansky...

I seek enlightenment from Sharansky on two questions: why does Israel get such a bad press in the West, far worse than it deserves, and can democracy work in Arab societies?
The article is an excuse to spew racist, Zionist, pro-Fascist crap like this:
"Europe now is in a much more difficult situation ideologically than Israel. They tried to build their new society only on human rights. They believe the nation-state has human rights but no commitment to identity. They find a minority (part of the Muslim population) which has a strong identity and no commitment to human rights."

"Europeans find themselves helpless in the face of this and I believe that Europe will have to go back to national identity. Democracy must have a connection with identity. There must be a national, democratic state."
Got that, folks? Human rights must be jettisoned to ensure that people have a sense of "identity", which can only be provided by rabid nationalism. Never mind that many Europeans today see themselves as predominantly citizens of Europe, if not the world. The "One Nation" idea is much catchier, isn't it? Zig Heil!

And this is the Political Editor of a major Australian newspaper spewing such crap.

But don't worry, all you have to do is laugh and they will all go away. Right, Gummo?

UPDATE: OK, it might seem I am being a little thin-skinned and snarky here. But I want people to realise what's going on. Sharansky is an avowed Zionist, a Sharon Likud government stooge, and probably a former CIA asset.

He's also one of the people who have been loudly calling for an attack on Iran. Now, if you want an insight into the craziness to which Australia is inevitably exposed (whether Gummo sees it or not), take a look at what's being going on with Iran this week.

Bush said he only just found out that Iran doesn't have any kind of nuclear capability at all. That is a lie. So why was Bush pushing the threat so hard, when he knew it was a lie? Did he just want to drive up the oil price for his Texas and Saudi mates? Did he really want to launch an attack? On what - the oil fields? Destabilizing Iran and crippling their oil production ability would certainly have kept global oil prices high for some time!

But why are so many voices in Big Media backing Bush's anti-Iran rhetoric? If they were just being played for fools, you would expect a big backlash from them. But there is no backlash, just as there was no backlash after Iraq's WMDs turned out to be a lie. Coz they are in on the game.

Big Media is working with Big Oil to push a global agenda in favor of the Corporatocracy.

Which means, for example, that Greg Sheridan knows exactly what he is doing when he presents Natan Sharansky as an example of "human greatness". But how many of his readers know what's going on?