30 Nov. 2006

Journalists scuffle at Walkley awards:
The founder of news website crikey.com, Stephen Mayne, had just presented the Walkley for Best Business Report to the Australian Financial Review's Morgan Mellish when he was interrupted by an audience member.

The News Limited political correspondent Glenn Milne rushed up onto the stage at the Crown Casino and pushed Mr Mayne over, calling him a disgrace.

"You are an absolute disgrace, you, you are an absolute disgrace," Mr Milne shouted.

He accused Mr Mayne of defiling journalists' reputations without reason.

Mr Milne struggled and continued to shout insults as security dragged him off stage.

Mr Mayne got up and composed himself quickly.

"Come on settle down, it's nothing special - just another pissed journo," he told the audience.

He appeared unfazed by the incident and said he had a special announcement to make on behalf of Rupert Murdoch.

"That is the former Sunday Telegraph political correspondent Glenn Milne, sponsored by Fosters," he said