29 Nov. 2006

Downer Shocked - Shocked! - By AWB Scandal

Downer talks to the Murdoch press:
"I didn't have any anxiety about anybody on my staff or in my department having done anything wrong," Mr Downer said in the interview, firmly blaming AWB for the debacle.

"They were deceiving us. They were deceiving the UN. They were deceiving their own people. I was shocked." ...

"As evidence gradually came to light, we did deal with it. The narrative that somehow we didn't do anything about this is clearly a false narrative," Mr Downer said...

"We have been shocked to discover what AWB has been doing," Mr Downer said.

"We have discovered it. We have got to the heart of it. And those people haven't got away with it. That is really the central point."
Put a rocket up his arse. That'll shock him.