15 Sep 2008

Bye Bye, Conga Line

Malcolm "Moneybags" Turnbull's ascension to the leadership of the Libs spells the end (at last) of John Howard's miserable Conga Line of Suckholes. And that's the main reason Turnbull got the job: all the other former Cabinet ministers are still on the nose, and always will be.

Howard surrounded himself with ambitious fools and immoral sycophants who served only to push their master's agenda. Maybe now the Liberal faithful can finally stop idolising Howard and begin to admit how much damage he did to the country, and to their own party.

PS: But don't take this as an endorsement of Turnbull. The only decent thing he has ever done was challenge Howard on Kyoto. He is a pompous aristocratic twat who will happily distort the truth in whatever way he can to champion the cause of the global financial elite. With Wall Street currently convulsing after 8 years of economic irresponsibility, the last thing Australia needs is more of the same. The Liberals remain the party of Big Business, and Turnbull makes a fitting poster boy.

UPDATE: OK, Peter Martin reminds me of another Turnbull achievement prior to joining the Howard cabinet. As the leader of the failed pro-Republic referendum movement (surely now back on the agenda, Kev?) he dissed Howard for "breaking the nation's heart.” He has also made some half-sane comments about carbon emissions trading. Perhaps the long, crazy era of "inventing our own realities" is finally drawing to a close?